Radicati: Trio concertante, Op. 20

• Violin, viola, violoncello. 27′30″

Edited by Dean Crocker, 2023

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Previously published by Gio. Ricordi (Milan), ca. 1819.

Felice Radicati , 1775 or 1778 (Turin)‒1823 (Bologna or Vienna). According to available sources, there are two musicians: one Felice Alessandro Radicati, the other Felice da Maurizio di Radicati, born within three years of each other in Turin; each died in 1823 – in different places. They apparently both were violinists, sharing several career positions and a wife, one Teresa Bertinotti. Both apparently died in a carriage accident. Someone, somewhere, is very confused.
In his youth, Radicati studied violin with famed master Gaetano Pugnani. He was employed in Turin’s court chapel. When the French took over he became a concert violinist, touring France, Germany, England, Portugal, northern Italy and Vienna. In the early 19th century, he was considered a leading representative of the Italian violin school. Following the Congress of Vienna, Radicati was in Bologna teaching violin at the Liceo Filharmonico, leader of the theatre orchestra, and conductor of the city orchestra and the basilica. Composed seven or eight stage works, none of which were ever performed in their entirety, and concertos for violin and for clarinet. Also wrote numerous string duos, trios, quartets, and a quintet.

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